Lyme disease

Treatment, therapy, sources of infection, symptoms.

Lyme disease constitutes one of the most serious challenges for modern medicine. We are aware of the fact, how difficult are choices faced by patients struggling with the disease. We know it from our own experience. Here we provide some basic information about the disease and its symptoms.

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About BioRife

Our main weapon in combating Lyme disease is the therapy developed by Dr Rife with additional micro-element supplementation. We respect the contribution and the approach to the treatment of Lyme disease presented by both ILADS and IDSA. We do not underestimate antibiotic therapy, but we do not use it in our centres. The proprietary, unique Rife machine programming methods developed by engineers and physicians are at the heart of our effective BioRife protocols. Their high efficacy is based also on our own modifications of Rife machines introduced particularly for the aim of combating Lyme disease. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures an effective support for patients in their everyday struggle against that joy of life-depleting disease.
Radosław Bałaj, MD
President and Co-Founder of BioRife

The BioRife therapy

Let us introduce to you a verified therapy of Lyme disease and co-infections, that had helped us and many others. You should know it!!!

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