The BioRife Therapy

It is a therapy originating from the US, and used there. Vibrations of the electromagnetic field generated by a plasma lamp are used for killing bacteria causing Lyme disease and co-infections. The method may be used before, during and after antibiotic treatment. According to our experience it is a highly effective way of elimination of pathogens, particularly suitable in treatment of Lyme disease and co-infections. The method causes vibration of bacteria in the electromagnetic field. Vibrations lead to either disruption of bacterial cellular membrane and death of a microorganism, or inhibition of bacterial defence mechanisms, making it an easy target for human immunological system.

Reliability of Lyme disease treatment with the Rife machine

Let's start from some authorities in treatment of Lyme disease. The former President of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) and one of the most renowned physicians specialising in treatment of Lyme disease in the US - Dr Steven Phillips - asked if he used any alternative therapies, responded:

" I’ve had about a hundred patients who have gotten profoundly better with Rife after they’ve reached maximum benefit from antibiotic therapy. You learn not to close your eyes to things. When things are happening in front of you, you can’t deny it. You have to listen to the patient, that’s the most important thing. "

A vast majority of patients know the, so called , "Buhner's Protocol". It is a set of herbs developed in a sole purpose of combating Lyme disease by the world renowned Stephen Harrod Buhner, whose experience in treatment of Lyme disease is over 20 years long. His best known book is "Healing Lyme", precisely describing the disease and available methods of its treatment (including antibiotic and herbal). The book is often one of the most important source of knowledge about Lyme disease for physicians who want to keep up with the latest scientific knowledge of the disease and its treatment (the most recent edition in 2015). The book is also recommended by doctors acting in the Association for Lyme disease patients in Poland, and ILADS in the USA.

Here is what he has written regarding the treatment using the Rife machine:

" I believe the most effective approach would be application of the Herbal Basic Protocol (as described in my book) and of the Rife machine "

One of reasons for which Lyme disease treatment with Rife machines is so effective is the effect of electromagnetic field on destruction of biofilms created by bacteria. Biofilms are large bacterial colonies, largely resistant to antibiotic therapies. It was repeatedly demonstrated that Borrelia burgdorferi brought the craft of forming biofilms to perfection. For that reason the disease is so resistant to antibiotics. Watch the film showing one of those colonies:

Numerous scientific evidence confirm the effect of the electromagnetic field on disruption of a biofilm. Additionally, some of them directly confirm the effect of electromagnetic field on increased efficacy of antibiotic action on biofilm. Following is another evidence that Dr Rife therapy may be used during the period when antibiotics are not used, but also may strongly support antibiotic treatments, reducing its duration:

Bacterial biofilms are notably resistant to antibiotic prophylaxis. The concentration of antibiotic necessary to significantly reduce the number of bacteria in the biofilm matrix can be several hundred times the MIC for the same bacteria in a planktonic phase. It has been observed that the addition of a weak continuous direct electric current to the liquid surrounding the biofilm can dramatically increase the efficacy of the antibiotic.


There are other scientific works confirming the effect of electromagnetic field on bacterial colonies:

Effects of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields on Helicobacter pylori biofilm.

Effect of electric currents on bacterial detachment and inactivation.

A biofilm growth protocol and the design of a magnetic field exposure setup to be used in the study of magnetic fields as a means of controlling bacterial biofilms.

The following video clip shows how microorganisms are neutralised by the Rife machine:

It has to be worse to get better - the Jarisch-Herxheimer effect - a recovery breakthrough

In case of chronic Lyme disease the therapy may cause the Herx effect (die-off). Just like in case of antibiotic therapy, neurotoxins are released during the treatment from killed or damaged bacteria. Increased level of neurotoxins may be observed in an organism for the time ranging from several hours to over dozen of days. Increased inflammation caused by our own immunological cells may be a second cause of the Herx effect. The Rife therapy inhibits bacterial defence mechanisms making microorganisms visible for our immunological system, that is able to eliminate them. As a result some symptoms may become aggravated, including headache, diarrhoea, fever and a need for much longer sleep. Despite those unpleasant effects they indicate efficacy of the therapy - bacteria are killed by the immunological system. We are trying to keep those inconvenient effects at a relatively low level. However, sometimes the number of killed bacteria is so hight that response of the immunological system is maintained for several days (usually the effect wears overnight). Most commonly the Herx effect develops on the next day or 3-4 days after the therapy. Sometimes it may occur several hours after the treatment. Some people claim experiencing short, several seconds long, intensifications of single symptoms already during the treatment (they refer to that as "feeling that the Rife machine works").

It should be stressed that the Herx effect does not necessarily appear in all cases and that it is usually mild. The strongest effects are observed in people suffering from chronic Lyme disease and with strong, multi-organ symptoms. Sometimes, a "clearing effect" is experienced directly after the therapeutic session, during which symptoms are greatly reduced. Usually that period of rapid improvement is short and followed by a typical Herx effect.
Drinking copious amounts of water (at least 2 litres a day) is recommended during the whole time of the therapy to reduce intensity of the Herx effect. Sufficient time of sleep is also essential. Some detoxification-supporting supplements are recommended.

Because of possible immediate effects we strongly advice not to drive vehicles on the way back home from the therapeutic session. That is particularly important in case of larger distances and the first session.

The most important thing is that the next therapeutic session has to be postponed until the Herx effect wears out.

Duration, frequency and effects

Using the therapy you can make two common mistakes:

1. Discontinue the therapy after the first, second treatment - because of poor general feeling and concerns that the therapy makes thing worse instead of better.

2. Discontinue the therapy as the moment they feel better - which may lead to only temporary effects. Conclusion of the therapy should always be individually discussed between a patient and a therapist.

Below there is a sample graph (it may look different in individual cases) presenting events occurring during the therapy. At first symptoms may get worse, or some past symptoms may re-appear. In course of the treatment intensity of symptoms should decrease,

We recommend therapeutic sessions once to three times a week. Longer intervals between sessions are not recommended. Sessions once every two weeks will also be effective, although the time of the whole therapy will be much extended.
Frequencies used by us are highly effective. For that reason the first session is only 150 minutes long. If the 150-minute session is not followed by the Herx effect, or the effect remains on a tolerable level, further sessions last for 3 hours and 30 minutes. However, if the initial session is followed by a strong Herx effect, further sessions will be limited to 150 minutes.
We offer therapies between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday. For patients travelling long distances for the treatment we offer 2 sessions with accommodation (every 7-10 days). The first session in the evening (after arrival, for example at 5:30-9:00 p.m.) and the second one in the next morning. Friday evening and Saturday morning are a convenient option.
Approximately 15 sessions are required in order to achieve some durable effect. First effect are notable already after a couple of sessions.


   - pacemaker,
  - pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  - epilepsy,
  - iron implants (those made of titanium are not contraindicated),
  - cardiovascular failure or lymphatic failure,
  - past cerebral stroke or myocardial infarction (in last 6 months),
  - children under 18 years require consent of their parents/guardians,
  - small children may undergo the therapy only if they are able to talk and communicate their general feeling.


Our diagnostics is based on laboratory tests (blood or urine) performed by certified medical laboratories (for example, the laboratory of the District Hospital in Słupsk) and the Dr Horowitz's symptomatic test, available in our website. Efficacy and progress of the therapy are assessed by gradual disappearance of symptoms and also by decreasing Herxheimer's reaction (the Herx effect).

Why don't we use the, so called, "bio-resonance" diagnostics ?

There are many centres offering the, so called, "bio-resonance" diagnostics. Various equipment and methods are used, such as BICOM, Vega Test, Voll's method, etc. We do not offer that kind of procedures, because we have verified them as giving false results. We have been trained in those methods (and possess appropriate certificates, software and equipment). We were also tested during the same period in various centres, and in offices of doctors who use the method. Unfortunately, despite our most sincere wish to find the empirical proof (in face of absence of scientific one) for reliability of those methods, we have failed.

Due to our trainings and tests we could learn much about the mechanism of action of "bio-resonance diagnostics". If you are interested, please join us at the Lyme Disease Treatment Centre in Słupsk.

The most common mistake made by those who use Rife machines and Voll's/Vega Test diagnostics is proclamation of "cure" as soon as after several sessions, and despite maintained (or intensified) symptoms. From our experience we can say that often that proclamation is not based on facts. We would like to stress that the most important premises for conclusion of the therapy are: careful observation of symptoms and disappearing Herx effect. People using the "bio-resonance" diagnostics often base their decisions regarding further treatment or its discontinuation based on unreliable results. That may have some hard to foresee consequences for health of people diagnosed with Vega Test, or the Voll's method.

Doctor Royal Raymond Rife

Much may be said about doctor Raymond Rife. There are many reviews documenting his scientific achievements available online. We would like to stress just a single fact of his life. Doctor Rife designed and constructed a revolutionary microscope that was ahead of his time by several decades. Even today building a similar one poses a challenge (estimated cost of approx. 1 million US dollars). The Rife's microscope was the first to allow a direct, long-term observation of viable bacteria and viruses. Those observations constituted a basis for his research on the effect of electromagnetic field on micro-organisms. Below we provide the Wikipedia information on that ingenious microscope (constructed in 1920s).

"Royal Raymond Rife was a constructor of revolutionary optical microscopes. basing on several particular technologies he was able to create a microscope offering magnifications higher by an order of magnitude compared to standard optical equipment, and comparable to those offered by electron microscopes. His innovations involved an illuminator consisting of a very strong vacuum lamp and a system of prisms, emitting light close to monochromatic, similar to lasers. That device constituted a basis of the technology. The design allowed breaking the barrier of image blurring observed when specimens were illuminated with white light, composed of a broad range of wavelengths. Another important element of Rife's microscope was the use of lenses made of quartz, offering better passage of visible and invisible light. The optical path was filled with glycerine ensuring homogeneity of medium, contrary to standard optical microscopes. The invaluable feature of Rife's microscope was an ability to observe viable biological specimens for many hours. It is worth noting that electron microscopes allow observation of fixed, non viable specimens in vacuum. "

Unfortunately the story of doctor Rife is not concluded with a happy end. His discoveries coincided with the onset of antibiotic therapies and constituted their serious competition. Pharmaceutical firms brought Rife's enterprise to bankruptcy . His laboratory was burned down along with results of his work, and all Rife machines in the US were confiscated. Physicians were given a choice, either to give a Rife machine back, or to lose their professional licence...
We believe you should learn more about the interesting life of that outstanding scientist.